Meet ‘Resist’-An App with a Philanthropic Twist
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Meet ‘Resist’-An App with a Philanthropic Twist

Meet ‘Resist’-An App with a Philanthropic Twist

We’re passionate about encouraging people to disconnect for as long as they can on June 21st, but smartphones have become so ingrained with modern life that sometimes the urge to check your phone is just too strong.

Enter Resist, a brand new app created by Bristol University students Robert Van Den Bergh, Betsy Herbert and Alex Robinson. Stemming from a desire to resist the distraction of phones during exam time, the app can be used by anybody who wants a break from constant emails and notifications – with an altruistic twist.

Download the free app and set a timer for the length of time you’d like to stay off your phone. You can then set a ‘penalty’ price; if you use your phone before the timer goes off the app automatically donates the ‘penalty’ amount to a charity of your choice. You can currently choose between Mind, World Wide Fund for Nature, Save the Children or The British Red Cross – which we’re sure you’ll agree are all very worthy causes.

We recently spoke to Rob about Resist: “All of the evidence is showing us that our addiction to technology is unhealthy – as work days get longer and technology becomes more important across every industry, we wanted to try and make something that could help people put their phones down for even an hour”.

The Resist team plan to roll out a version for iPhone in the near future, but if you’re on Android, you’re in luck – you can download Resist in time for Disconnect Day and see how strong your will power is. Plus, if you don’t manage it, a charity gets a lovely donation so it’s a win-win!


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